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Rep. Rich will not seek re-election

April 2, 2014 Uncategorized — admin @ 3:15 pm

Earlier today, State Representative Barrett Rich (R–Somerville) announced he will not seek reelection to the Tennessee House of Representatives this year.

“After much thought and discussion with family and friends, I have decided I will not seek reelection after serving three terms as State Representative of House District 94.

Without a doubt, I love the people of our community and I love serving as the voice of our district in Nashville. However, at this point, I have decided to devote the majority of my time to my little girl, Alexis. She was born two years after I began my service, and I have spent a large portion of her formative years on the road to Nashville. She now has two more years to go before entering school, and I want to be there for her in every way I possibly can.

It has been an absolute privilege to serve as State Representative, but it is not and should not be seen as a profession. Our state’s founders envisioned a legislature that would serve and then go home to live under the laws they pass, and this is a principle I fully support.

When first elected, I promised to come to Nashville fulfill the desires of our community, and I believe these goals have been accomplished, including lowering taxes, reforming our state’s education system in a positive way, implementing tougher criminal penalties and laws, expanding Second Amendment rights, and always fighting to protect the sanctity of life and the unborn. It is my hope that my successor will continue this work to make our state an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

It has truly been an honor to participate in our state’s historic Republican supermajority, but it has been an even greater honor to serve the people of our district. Thank you for your confidence in me, and thank you for allowing me to serve you over the past 6 years.”

Barrett Rich was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2008 and has held several positions of leadership within the legislature since that time. During his first term, Representative Rich was elected as the Republican Assistant Floor Leader and the Freshman Class President — a position chosen by the freshman class of legislators. During his second term, Rich was elected by the Republican Caucus as House Majority Whip, a role dedicated to spearheading the passage of major Republican legislative initiatives. In 2012, Representative Rich was appointed Chairman of the House Health Subcommittee by Speaker Beth Harwell.

In his role as State Representative, Rich has been a strong advocate for creating an environment in the state where businesses can grow and thrive, a steadfast defender of the unborn, and resolute protector of our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. In addition, Representative Rich has championed legislation to impose stricter penalties for those who commit the most heinous of crimes, sponsored legislation to ban a statewide income tax, and helped lead the way in fighting the illegal production and distribution of methamphetamine across Tennessee. His personal legislation includes the Sexual Offender Loophole bill, which prevents sexual predators from contacting their victims. Other bills include reforming the state’s asset forfeiture laws and a rewrite of Tennessee’s criminal gang code to include such things as discharging weapons into habitations or random murders as an aggravating factor in imposition of the death penalty.

State Representative Barrett Rich Awarded Top Conservative Honors

March 3, 2014 Uncategorized — admin @ 7:23 pm

The American Conservative Union (ACU), the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots conservative organization, this week announced that State Representative Barrett Rich (R–Somerville) has been awarded the coveted ACU ‘Defender of Liberty’ award.

The award, which is presented to those members of the Tennessee General Assembly who scored 100 percent on the ACU Tennessee 2013 State Legislative Rating, is the organization’s highest and most revered honor available to lawmakers. (more…)

Representative Rich Receives “A” Rating From the NRA

October 19, 2012 Uncategorized — Sarah Waters @ 9:47 am

The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) announced that Representative Rich received an “A” rating and their endorsement on behalf of all NRA members in the state of Tennessee. They recognize Representative Rich’s strong record of support on Second Amendment issues.  Representative Rich is honored to have the support of the NRA.

Representative Rich Asks the Tough Questions on Parole Board Controversy

October 16, 2012 Uncategorized — Sarah Waters @ 10:38 pm

A recent audit of The Tennessee Board of Parole found that some parole officers have been checking on deceased felons, while failing to check on violent criminals and punish them accordingly. Representative Rich, Vice Chair of the Government Operations Committee, pressed the Board in a hearing last week. Rich and other legislators expressed their concern about the falsified reports, and mostly that the officers who were found to have falsified reports were not disciplined.  Representative Rich was critical of Board of Parole Chairman, Charles Traughber. “I don’t think that Mr. Traughber is specifically the cause, but I believe that, in and of itself, I would be embarrassed to know that under my watch that this has happened,” he told The Tennessean.  Gary Tullock, who was in charge of the state’s parole and probation officers, has resigned, and the two officers in question are no longer working for the state.  The spokesperson for the Department of Corrections told The Tennessean that the investigation ordered by Tennessee Department of Correction Commissioner Derrick Schofield is ongoing.

“TN parole board failings go back years” The Tennessean. Haas, Brian. 14 Oct 2012


Small Business Endorses Representative Rich for Third Straight Time

October 4, 2012 Endorsements,Small Business — Sarah Waters @ 6:17 pm

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Tennessee’s leading small business association, endorsed Representative Rich in the race for the 94th House District. The endorsement was made by NFIB/Tennessee SAFE (Save America’s Free Enterprise Trust), which is comprised exclusively of NFIB members. This is the third consecutive time that Representative Rich has earned this important and prestigious endorsement.

In the statement released from NFIB on September 6, Jim Brown, state director of NFIB/Tennessee said “Barrett Rich is a strong supporter of free enterprise and has done an outstanding job protecting small businesses in House District 94.” The release highlighted Representative Rich’s sponsorship of House Bill 3688 that protects small businesses during the regulatory process. His bill passed the state house with substantial bipartisan support, and Mr. Brown notes that it significantly helped small business by increasing transparency in government and reducing the regulatory burden on hard-working entrepreneurs.

Representative Rich is honored to receive the endorsement of the NFIB and knows how crucial it is to his campaign. The NFIB supporters are well known for their activity in local, state and federal election and their willingness to organize for pro-business candidates like Representative Rich.

Rep. Rich Named Vice-Chairman of Government Operations Committee

January 15, 2011 Uncategorized — admin @ 8:25 am
Representative Barrett Rich (R-Somerville) has been named Vice-Chairman of the House Government Operations Committee for the 107th General Assembly. Representative Rich, who was also elected by his colleagues to serve as Majority Whip, was also appointed to the Judiciary Committee. It is rare that a member of House Republican Leadership is also appointed to serve as a committee officer, but House Republican leaders noted they have confidence in Rich’s ability to lead.

“I am very honored to have been named Vice-Chairman of the Government Operations Committee,” said Rep. Rich. “I am committed to limited, efficient government, and this committee will be able to evaluate state government and make recommendations to make it better.”


Rep. Barrett Rich elected by Republican colleagues to serve as Whip

December 8, 2010 Uncategorized — admin @ 8:32 pm
State Representative Barrett Rich (R-Somerville) was elected Wednesday to serve the House Republican
Caucus in the Tennessee House of Representatives to the powerful position of Whip.  Rich was chosen by his colleagues in a vote as the group met to organize their business in Nashville for the 107th General Assembly. (more…)

Republicans present voter protection measure and military voting bill in House subcommittee

February 14, 2010 Uncategorized — admin @ 9:15 pm

A bill that will protect the voting process from fraud and abuse was presented in the House Election Subcommittee this week. House Bill 270 will require that voter registration forms carry a disclaimer that clarifies giving false information to register to vote carries a criminal penalty, and also requires that the applicant affirm that they are lawfully in the United States. An amendment was offered, and the bill was discussed by the committee. It is expected to be up for a vote next week.


Tennessee Right to Life Endorses Rich for State House

September 9, 2009 Uncategorized — admin @ 11:54 pm

(Nashville) The state’s oldest and largest prolife organization announced its official endorsement of candidate Barrett Rich for the 94th district state House seat. Speaking on behalf of the organization, Tennessee Right to Life president Brian Harris joined with other affiliate leaders to make the public announcement.

“With the election of Barrett Rich, voters in Fayette, Hardeman and Tipton counties have a unique opportunity to continue a legacy of principled prolife leadership from the 94th district,” said Harris. “Based on Barrett’s active involvement with Tennessee Right to Life, we know that he is the natural candidate to represent those prolife convictions in Nashville.” Click here for more info…

The American Conservative Union (ACU), the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots conservative organization, this week announced that State Representative Barrett Rich (R–Somerville) has been awarded the coveted ACU ‘Defender of Liberty’ award. The award, which is presented to those members of the Tennessee General Assembly who scored 100 percent on the ACU Tennessee 2013 State Legislative Rating, is the organization’s highest and most revered honor available to lawmakers. “I am truly humbled to be presented this award by the American Conservative Union,” said Representative Rich. “I am committed to working with my colleagues in the Tennessee General Assembly to lower taxes, cut government waste, and help create an environment in our state where businesses can grow and thrive. I am thankful for organizations like the ACU who recognize the work of our conservative Republican majority and look forward to advancing our shared Tennessee values even further in the coming weeks.” For more information on the American Conservative Union or to download the full Tennessee 2013 State Legislative Ratings Guide, please click here or visit their website at Barrett Rich serves as Chairman of the House Health Subcommittee. He is also a member of the House Criminal Justice Committee and House Ethics Committee. He represents District 94, which encompasses all of Fayette, McNairy, and a portion of Hardeman Counties. He can be reached by email at or by calling 1-800-449-8366, ext. 16890.
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